9 Squares

I was honoured to be invited by a good friend Al Boardman to participate in a collaborative motion design project called 9 Squares. See the full project.

9 Squares

Horse Study

A study to understand how 4 legged animals walk.

Horse Study


I was contacted by Hayley Akins who had started a motion design project called Bingomation were she gave animators a number and it's bingo saying leaving them to their own devices to create an animation for the project. See the full project.

Bingomation 67

Personal Projects

A series of personal work to explore and learn new skills.

Death Sticks
Scooter Boy

3d Models

I am in the process of learning 3d modelling, here are a few of my favourite models so far.

3d Tire
3d Tree

Personal Works

I try to do as much personal work as possible, I find that developing my own work helps me to learn new skills which can benefit my clients for future projects. If you've seen anything here that you like, I would love to develop these further with you.


Creative Direction: Matt Wilson
Animation/Design: Matt Wilson

Like What You See?

Feel free to contact me, I am always prepared to give detailed replies to any inquires or questions that you may have.

We can work together to bring any project to life, no matter how big or small.